Power Laser DX Platform


Call for entries of Research DX contest

The “Power Laser DX Platform” of the MEXT Project for promoting public utilization of advanced research infrastructure(Program for advanced research equipment platforms) will hold a familiar research DX contest in the fields of lasers, plasma, measurement and diagnostics, and related fields. The winners will be asked to present their winning entries at a symposium (in a hybrid face-to-face and online format) scheduled in June 2022. Research DX refers to the transformation of research activities through the use of digital technology. The Familiar Research DX Contest will spotlight ingenious ideas that were born from everyday study and work and that realized with digital technology. Entries should be submitted in either Japanese or English. We are looking forward to receiving your entries.

Deadline:  1pm, June 13th (Mon) 2022

Entry form: https://forms.office.com/r/f5ngfjjrKn

Works eligible for selection :
All of the following a-c must be satisfied.
  a. It is related to research, regardless of the method, such as experiment, theory, simulation, etc.
b. Programs, protocols, equipment, etc. that improve the quantity, quality, efficiency, safety, etc. related to research through automation, remoteness, etc. using digital technology
c. developed by an individual or a small group of individuals (no more than three).Eligibility:Works

Applicants must meet one of the following criteria 1 – 4.
  1. undergraduate or graduate students who have received permission from his/her academic advisor, etc.
  2. faculty, staff, and researchers within 15 years of receiving his/her degrees
  3. technical and technical support staff
4. other persons who can be regarded as equivalent to the above 1-3.

For more information about the Power Laser DX platform, please click here.