Power Laser DX Platform

What is the Power Laser DX Platform?

The Power Laser DX Platform is a network of research facilities for shared use in which all researchers can be provided with advanced support. This platform is created by collaborating Japanese leading power laser research facilities and accelerating digital transformation (DX). The Platform will contribute to the sustainable maintenance and development of R&D infrastructures in Japan.


2023-05-15 Call for entries of Research DX contest 2023
2022-05-01 Call for entries of Research DX contest
2022-02-28 Our English website is now available.

Find a Perfect Power Laser for Your Needs

National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology

The J-KAREN, the world’s highest-class intense laser system, is available to more users through smart and remote operation.

RIKEN SPring-8 Center (RSC)

The RSC offers the world's most advanced facility for ultra-high-pressure research with HERMES, a repetitively pulsed power laser device that is remotely operable.

The Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo

The Institute offers cutting-edge laser processing methodologies and their smartification for research communities.

Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University

The Institute, a pioneer of smart laser engineering, conducts joint research projects using a T6 laser facility. Technologies for smartification are shared with communities.

Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University

The Institute works as a liaison that links users to various power laser facilities in Japan. GXII is one of the highest-energy laser systems in the world.